An Act Concerning Court Proceedings Involving Allegations of Family Violence and Domestic Abuse.


Attend Public Hearing on March 18th in Hartford at 9:30 am and testify.

Update by Senator Alex Kassar (formerly Bergstein)

"I've spent months researching ways to improve our court system to prevent tragedies like Jennifer Dulos, who was my constituent. She is emblematic of thousands of victims of domestic abuse who were not believed and not protected. After an intensive process, I've submitted a ground-breaking bill, based on input from survivors, advocates and legal experts around the country, to address problem areas in our system. The official bill was filed this week as SB-442.


The Hearst Editorial Board endorsed it (below) and the bill has over 7,000 supporters in an online petition. There will be a public hearing on March 18 in the Capitol so if this issue matters to you, please come make your voice heard, or reach out to me for details of how to testify online. Domestic abuse should not be tolerated in CT."

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