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International Coercive Control Conference 2022

Get Your Tickets before August 31, 2022 to Secure Your Early Bird Pricing!

Join us this October 13th and 14th for a two day virtual extravaganza featuring acclaimed criminologist and podcaster Laura Richards as Keynote Speaker for Day 1 and Ryan Hart, survivor and co-founder of CocoAwareness, the UK non-profit dedicated to bringing global awareness and solutions to ending coercive control in intimate partner relationships. 

This year’s theme, “Coercive Control: Oppression in Our Public and Private Spheres,” will bring together experts of intimate partner violence and domestic abuse to address the ways in which coercive control in the private realm is enabled, reinforced, and normalized, by those who work in ending coercive control in the public sphere.

Panelists include acclaimed author and feminist, Rafia Zakaria, NXIVM survivor, Mark Vicente, leading women’s rights attorney and advocate, Wendy Murphy, Chinese feminist activist Xiaowen Liang, and leading Brazilian researcher on violence against women from a feminist perspective, Dr. Fabiana Severi, to name a few.  

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