Jacqueline Franchetti

Founder & Kyra’s Mom

Kyra's Champions 


For those who may not know, Kyra was 28-months-old when she was murdered by her father during a custody proceeding in Nassau County Family Court (New York). Her murder was 100% preventable. Every day, my days are spent trying to prevent any other child from being harmed due to the failures of our dysfunctional divorce/family court system.

Since Kyra was taken 4 1/2 years ago, I have been on a mission to prevent what happened to Kyra from happening to another child you know and love. While I have made enormous progress, the next stages require all of your voices; I need your help. We are at the tipping point. Would you do the following for Kyra and for me?

  • Help Pass Kyra’s Law - Kyra’s Law is one of three bills in Albany inspired by her custody case. We can get these bills to pass this legislative year…with your help. For Kyra’s Law to move forward, our legislators MUST hear from you. Lawmakers listen when their constituents speak/write. I have made it SUPER easy to email our legislators with just a few clicks:

If you live in New York, click here to email your New York legislators
If you live outside New York, please sign this petition. 
Let’s show Albany how much we love Kyra and want to see changes made.

  • Celebrate Kyra’s 7th Birthday on April 4th - Together, we can give her the BIGGEST and BEST celebration on her special day. April, coincidentally, is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. To also raise awareness, please put seven pinwheels (the symbol for child abuse) in your front yard or someplace prominent. Don’t have seven pinwheels? For $28, the number of months Kyra’s smile graced our world, I’ll send you the pinwheels. You can purchase pinwheels here and learn more about our April Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

These efforts are part of Kyra’s Champions, an advocacy and public policy organization. Our separate sister organization, the Kyra Franchetti Foundation, focuses on raising awareness and conducts training programs to help prevent child abuse.
Please help me make Kyra’s legacy one of change and child protection.
With gratitude,

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